Marketing and Creative


At BizHelm, we are a one stop shop for all your creative needs. From print, digital and web, there is no medium that we can't handle. 

Branding and Logo Design

Every stellar brand has to have a great logo and this is the perfect place to start when defining your brand. Whether it’s a new business or a brand with decades of equity in the marketplace,  branding and re-branding should only be trusted to those with a superior creative eye, unmatched attention to detail and decades of experience in this field. BizHelm’s Creative and Marketing Department fits into this category.

The proceeding pages show just a few examples of our branding work and the trust that these brands have in our people and our process.



Good photography can tell a story without one accompanying word. In a world where content is king and pictures are, well, also king, quality photography is needed more than ever.

Having art directed photo shoots for years, BizHelm’s Creative Team brings high caliber expertise to this very important part of your brand. Whether it’s product photography on a simple background, to action or lifestyle shots of models representing your brands, there is no challenge we haven’t faced and succeeded at.



From digital publications to printed ads, developing thought provoking and arresting work campaigns is one of our passions. In a world where your customers are constantly hit with advertisements, news and distractions, it is ... to make sure you have a message that can break through the noise. 

From concept, to storyboarding, asset development,
ad layout to final artwork delivery to the publication or audience, there is no step in this process we cannot fully exceed your expectations.



Product catalog sometimes seems like something from days of old. In reality, when done properly, catalogs can make your brand standout from the others who wrongfully see a catalog as out dated or unnecessary. 

The time put into a catalog can certainly rack up the hours but at the same time, the functions of the catalog process benefit several other needs. Concepts, photos, layouts developed for a catalog can help dictate the paths of other processes or needs and this forward thinking is an advantage that we bring to each catalog process.

From art direction, photography, layout, editing process, press checks and fulfillment, we are well versed in this space.


Product Packaging

Product packaging, sometimes called the silent salesman, must speak to your customer and convey your message in seconds when you aren’t there to speak for your product. These messages aren’t always literal, but often need
to evoke emotion, again in a short time frame. 

Materials, images, finishes and colors are just some of the several characteristics accounted for when we work on packaging projects. With proven skills in packaging design, we can handle any packaging needs. 

Titleist PackagingCrop.png


Every business needs a website to inform and reach it’s customers. Just having a website doesn’t check this box, though. Your site needs to reflect your business, it’s products or services and the customers you are aiming to attract. Websites should also be updated frequently to ensure your customers know you take your website seriously and intern them seriously.

We have the experience to take that old and outdated site (or non-existing site) and turn it into a place you are happy to direct your customers. With numerous websites built and maintained by BizHelm, we have a plan that will fit your needs.