Andrew Langlois


Andrew spent 30 years in the golf and landscape industry, 15 of which was in wholesale distribution interacting with business owners and managers. 

As the COO, he led a transition of the distribution company entirely to cloud based solutions (moving the servers and computers that drove the business functions to off site data centers) after the economic downturn in 2007 out of "necessity", and was instantly convinced of the benefits of this approach to managing business systems, computers and servers.

 In 2011, while consulting with his brother who was strategizing a shift in his successful full serve restaurant to a smaller, leaner business model, the two began exploring cloud and iPad based solutions that were emerging in the small business space. The decision to deploy ShopKeep - a leading iPad POS application - into the cafe became the impetus for the launch of BIZHELM.

Since the start of BIZHELM as a local ShopKeep partner providing on-site services, the company has branched into other key related areas that quickly identified themselves as common pain points for lots of small independent owners who all seemed to face similar challenges and restraints, like merchant services, marketing, and managed services.

Today the company offers a comprehensive set of solutions to a wide range of business types including quick serve restaurants, retailers, specialty shops, boutiques and the medical, professional and trades sectors. 

Andrew prides himself in being super accessible - send him a note and find out for yourself!



Steve Cranshaw

CReative director

Steve has been designing professionally for over 13 years. His clean design style, strong business acumen, detail oriented nature and acute foresight are just a few of his tools in his art bin. Steve has designed for countless businesses and has worked for several large corporations. A strong design sense is what Steve brings to every project and a passion for being creative and forward thinking is what excites him about producing the next great design or campaign.



Doug Noonan

Business manager

Doug has extensive experience in purchasing, systems management and mass maintenance of data and pricing files. He also has a keen eye for detail and loves swimming….in minutiae. With over a decade of experience in systems management and IT administration there isn’t much Doug hasn’t encountered.