Nearly 50% (48.6 to be exact) of our business has come from a referral – which is humbling and we are forever grateful for. When we walk through a door that you open for us, everybody wins!

Since 2011, we have been helping our small business clients deploy best in class payment processing and cloud and tablet based point of sale solutions that make running their business easier, saving them time and improving their bottom line.

Our platforms, tools and services are designed to help our small business clients stay focused on what they do best - their craft, while the business runs smoothly!  

We know that referrals don't come easily, and assure our partners that we are always mindful of the fact that you have put your reputation on the line by referring us.

Rest assured that we will always act in a professional and ethical manner, and we're confident that the folks you refer will be very happy you did.

We are excited to work with you to make a difference in the small business community.  

New Products + Services = More Opportunities
…AND, Submitting Leads Couldn't Be Easier!

Remember, we pay a referral commission for every merchant you refer.  All you have to do is open the door for us to contact them, submit their info and we do the rest!

Want to be more involved in the ongoing interactions with our clients and join the BIZHELM Team?  

Become a BIZHELM independent rep and enjoy higher commissions and residual revenue share.