Guess what the #1 Google search term is for YOUR business...


We’ve got a great marketing technique for you –
it involves your Google My Business Page.

The website work we do with our clients reveals that the #1 search query for every business is… wait for it – the name of the business (obvious, right?).

Google It

You know how it works - someone is looking to see if your business is open, where you are located, etc. and they open a web browser (around 70% of the time on their mobile phone) and type the name of your business and hit enter (go ahead and try it with BizHelm). Google is pretty sure they know what this search is looking for and will display all relevant results, including the businesses Google My Business page/profile which would display most of the basic information that a web searcher might be looking for. A significant percentage of these searches are done with zero intention of ever visiting your website, but that doesn’t mean the opportunity for you and your business stops here. In fact, it’s quite possibly where some real opportunity starts.

Google My Business Example Image

Claim It

Google is placing increasing emphasis on these Google My Business Pages and also regards UGC (User Generated Content) like reviews as a strong measure of how relevant and authentic the business is relative to the various Google searches that are conducted. For businesses that haven’t claimed their own Google My Business Page, Google scrapes other platforms across the web to populate this page with the most important information and business details - which is a good reason to make sure your business information is consistent across all web and social platforms, but that’s a post for another day.

Leverage It

Once you claim it, for absolutely no cost, GMB is a place where you can interact with customers and prospects by posting offers. promotions, photos etc that web searchers would see prominently when they Google you. See the potential? Throw some creativity and give your audience more to see when your business appears in searches.

Incorporate It

Once you get in the groove, you can easily make Google My Business a regular part of your marketing strategy and routine that will pay dividends.

Need help claiming your Google My Business Page or adding content to your page?

Reach out to us - we love this stuff!

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