Quickbooks = Quick Payments


Most would agree that QuickBooks is one of those household names that is synonymous with the product itself - like Kleenex, Google, Popsicle, Xerox, Zamboni, Jacuzzi and Photoshop. As such, QuickBooks enjoys an 80%+ market share of all small businesses who use an accounting software. That statistic alone would seem to have been reason enough for us to become a QuickBooks Solution Provider and add this popular solution to our stable.

The real driver, however, was our propensity to bring automation tools to our clients to create efficiencies and improve profitability.

Our Top Three QuickBooks Automation Hacks Are:

1. Convert your invoicing process from paper and snail mail to digital and email

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Delivering invoices faster, while reduce postage and stationary costs is a no brainer. Being environmentally friendly is icing on the cake. This simple shift sets the stage for a deeper transformation for your business. As this digital conversion to progresses, you are building up a deeper database of customer/contact information that can be leveraged across other channels and invoices can include clickable links to your website, blog and social media pages/feeds, which allows your customers to keep tabs on you where they prefer to spend their time.

2. Get Paid up to 10x faster

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What? How? Glad you asked. This one is really big because cash flow, specifically properly managing cash flow, is one of the most significant challenges facing small to medium sized businesses. Couple this with the tendency that consumers have to want to pay for everything with a credit card, and you have a formula for drastically shortening your receivables cycle. Of course, having those digital invoices as described above sets up one of the most valuable clickable links that can be included in your invoices - the “click-to-pay” link. All that is needed is a QuickBooks Payments account that is linked to your QuickBooks software (QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop). QuickBooks Payments is a secure, full service credit card processing solution that, in addition to offering encrypted payment capabilities inside of the QuickBooks ecosystem, includes a free mobile smartphone payment app and companion card reader for taking payments on the fly, plus a payment gateway that can be linked to ecommerce websites. Industry leading flat rate pricing with no monthly fees makes this adoption risk free!

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3. Turn your invoices into a marketing platform

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When a consumer has received a product or service, follow up emails from the company who provided the service are opened at 7X greater frequency than industry average marketing emails. A fantastic opportunity emerges when you have the attention of your customer base. QuickBooks allows for several different form templates (invoices, proposals,statements) to be created and customized. This becomes a great place to incorporate messaging about seasonal offers, new services and other timely announcements.

Need help getting started? Reach out to us directly and we’d be happy to help you Automate your workflow, get paid faster and to market to your customer base.