The Importance of Your Website (and keeping it updated).

If you've already taken that first and important step of having a website to represent your business online, great! If you aren't quite there yet, reach out to us here. We have website plans and options that fit any business and any needs you might have, to develop that online presence that your business needs in today's marketplace. 

Business owners already signed on with BizHelm for your website development, hosting and development, be on the lookout for periodic emails to prompt you to take a look at your site, while suggesting various tips, techniques and functionality that we can develop together to keep your website fresh.

Regularly updating your website is critical to maximizing the number of visitors you'll be able to attract and the value that your website brings to your current and prospective customers. 

Take a moment to look over your site while thinking about these questions:


Making updates to your site shows your customers that you are invested in your business and you will do what it takes to keep them informed about your business. This makes customers more apt to visit your site more frequently which directly correlates to an opportunity at increased sales. Updated sites also rank higher with search engines helping your site show up higher on the search results page. This makes your website, in a sea of websites, that much more discoverable.


There is no better way than with your online presence to keep you customers up to date about your new services, products and offerings. Keeping your website current is expected by customers. An updated site helps customers during their information gathering, decision making and product purchasing process. We've all been there when we find a business that offers exactly what we need only to find out that that product is back ordered, out of stock or not available any more. Don't be that business disappointing it's customers. 


A solid website experience can be reason enough for customers to revisit your site. This is less likely to happen if your site is stagnant, and noticeably out of date. Even just minor tweaks and updates keep your site looking new and fresh and shows the level of professionalism your business needs. Updated call to actions, offerings and value centered services will certainly have your customers coming back, too. Perception is everything, so if your site looks like you haven't paid any attention to it in quite some time, it is likely that your potential customer will do the same.


Look at a calendar. This is where you will find typical dates and seasons that you should make updates to your site. Annual holidays are certainly some, but there are also others that you can take advantage of based off energy points specific to your business. These are smart times to update your site. Inversely, times where you have seen a dip in sales could be another time to give your website an update to help drive sales during these slow times. 

Your website should be regarded as an employee (who is on the sales team!), and to the greatest extent possible, it should represent your business in the most creative, polished and professional way possible.

As your trusted business advisor, we are here to work with you to make your business the best it can be.

Feel free to reach out to us should you have any questions regarding business websites, their importance and how we can partner with you to make the website building process a quick and enjoyable experience.