Time is Money - BizHelm, A ShopKeep Partner Since 2011.

This partnership will help deploy game changing technology in your business!

Since 2011, we’ve worked closely with a diverse group of small businesses, deploying cloud based solutions, specifically ShopKeep POS, that bring functionality, data and business intelligence within reach that was previously only associated with heavyweight (translation - very expensive and complex) enterprise solutions.

ShopKeep has risen to prominence over the last 5+ years by providing a very reliable and flexible iPad based point of sale application to replace traditional cash registers and fundamentally changing how small businesses can manage key areas of the business.

Our approach is to combine in person and on-site services that complement the benefits and support that are an inherent part of the application and ShopKeep’s support ecosystem, to create an experience that we think is unmatched, but also addresses the finite amount of time small business owners can dedicate to deploying critical technology in their business.

As much as our clients span a wide range of industries - from retail and specialty shops to quick serve restaurants and cafes, there’s commonality in the most prevalent challenge that small business owners face...you guessed it - time (not enough of it).  

By providing turnkey systems and comprehensive in person training, our clients are able to significantly shorten the time it takes to fully implement a new POS system and start benefitting from the countless efficiencies. The interactions we have with clients while configuring a system gives our business consultants a deep understanding of the business, which allows us to collaborate deeply on tasks specific to leveraging features of their POS system.   



The demo

It all starts with an on site demo.  In addition to providing an opportunity for a prospect to physically interact with the system and see how it all works, being on site allows us to conduct a preliminary site survey to document existing internet and network infrastructure, and to ensure that the POS platforms requirements can be met.  Interacting with personnel creates a great opportunity to identify a “champion” inside the business. We strongly encourage that a champion be established to serve as the point person for downstream communication that can involve follow on training of new employees, troubleshooting and general system maintenance including updates and upgrades.  


The proposal

Having details in hand related to the hardware needed and the specific products and/or services the business sells, a detailed proposal can be generated, eliminating guesswork about which components and specific models are needed to be able to utilize the system as planned. Payment plans and lease options are also included to meet specific budgets and cash flow.  



Details! Everything from business info (printed and digital receipts and tax settings) to inventory items and employee profiles is loaded into the back office. When deployment day comes, it is magically all there, which means your system is ready to go, right out of the box!


The Installation

Connect the devices and make a few specific system settings/adjustments and it’s time to dig in.  Upon verification and testing of all system functionality, training starts immediately and encompasses all aspects of your new system. Quickly, personnel is proficient with the system and generally excited to see the technology in action.   


Go Live!

Having experienced the elegant simplicity of a fully configured ShopKeep system, there’s no reason to delay. Most of our clients go live with the system within one day of the installation. One day! So, within one day of seeing and interacting with the system for the first time, they are ringing sales, engaging customers and enjoying the newfound efficiencies that are organic to the process of replacing a traditional cash register with an iPad running ShopKeep!

In the end, our real purpose is “humanizing” the process of advanced technology deployment for small business. The entire process detailed above was happening without disrupting the business and taking key personnel away from their daily activities, which eliminates the stress and anxiety that can be associated with adopting and deploying new technology in a business.