The Power of Video


Today, video is the leading form of advertising for businesses. And when it comes to small businesses, this shouldn’t be any different. Video is extremely important for small businesses and is a great way to stand out from your competition. Here are just a few numbers that show the power of video:

Stats about video marketing

How can I utilize video for my business?

Best Bang for your Buck.

There are many creative ways to use video that are cost effective and produce results, but utilizing video for social media is the most cost-effective route, hands down. Your business may not have the budget for a massive TV media buy, but strategic targeting through social media ads will get your videos in front of more people who are actually interested in your product or service. With the internet and social media being so widely used today, companies have the capability of reaching more customers than ever before, so grabbing customers attention is crucial.

It doesn’t have to be long!

A quick 30, 15, or even 6-second video is all it takes to entice your customers! Six-second videos are the new trend in video advertising. With the average person’s attention span being around six seconds, these spots quickly pull your customers in on any device that they are using. You will see some varying length video examples at the end of this article.

The Meal Approach.

Think of your strategy as a meal. We start them off with a little taste to peak their interest with a 6 second ad. Then we serve them an appetizer with a little more substance. That’s your 15 - 30 second ad. Then once they have digested that information, it is time for the entree. This would be your 60 second or longer video that really tells your story and closes the deal. So rather than starting viewers off with a single two-minute video, you can tell your story with multiple, shorter videos, constantly keeping viewers engaged on their journey to becoming a customer.

We Can help!

We have partnered with Third Spoon, a Rhode Island-based company offering media solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. They are a team of producers, artists and creative thinkers who are extremely smart, daring and attentive that can make your video needs come to life. Reach out to us here at BizHelm if you’d like to learn more about video and why your business needs to invest in this trend that isn’t going away.


Video Examples by Third Spoon Creative


Short Length Videos


Longer Length Videos